Fender, American, Ultra, Stratocaster SSS review, Performance video

This guitar is the flagship model of the Fender USA lineup with high-end specifications.
This top-class Fender guitar has medium jumbo frets and a unique ModemD shape neck, allowing the ease of playing.
It is also equipped with a latest noiseless pickup. You can get low noise and wide dynamic range sound with high output.
Because the S-1 switch enables the front pickup to be always on, you can get a wide range of sound creation.

Sound Review

I think the ease of playing is the top-class among Fender and other makes of guitars
The satin-finished neck is smooth and the shape is rounded at the head side.
It becomes thinner as it approaches the high-fret side, and it’s easy to play in all positions.
However, some people may find it difficult to play on the high-ret side because of the thin neck.
The junction between the high-fret body and the neck is tapered for easy pressing of the frets.
The pickups are Ultra NoiselessTM Vintage that produce a noiseless clear sound.
There is also an S-1 switch on the control knob enabling you to keep the front pickup always on.

When turning on the rear and front pickups, it produces a sound similar to humbucker with slightly increased bass and overtones.

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